The First Alyssa Cole book I’ve ever Hated

Let me start by saying I have never rated an Alyssa Cole book below five stars before. So I never thought I'd be giving this book one measly star. I also never expected to be so annoyed by it that I'm put off of reading any other Alyssa Cole books (at least for a while).... Continue Reading →

Once Ghosted Twice Shy: Review

I have yet to read an Alyssa Cole book that I don't love. She's an incredibly talented and versatile author, writing both thrillers and romance. Most of her romance novels are royal romance, with two of her most popular series being Runaway Royals and Reluctant Royals. This was my first Reluctant Royals read. It's a... Continue Reading →

I Finally Read The Trial by Franz Kafka

BRILLIANT. Absolutely Brilliant. The Metamorphosis has been my favorite work of fiction for a long-time. I've read it numerous times and wrote a great deal about The Metamorphosis while working on my M.A. I think I've put off reading anything else of Kafka's because I was afraid of being let down. You know when you... Continue Reading →

Alyssa Cole’s Brilliant Thriller is a Wake Up Call

OH MY GOD, THIS BOOK!!!! Alyssa Cole is my new favorite writer. How is she so absolutely, so brilliantly, so unapologetically FUCKING BASED. The evil villain behind everything is a pharmaceutical company. She highlights the human rights violations rampant within the mental health system, and more specifically, involuntarily psychiatric treatment. She shows the overlap between... Continue Reading →

Not the Best Graphic Novel Biography

This was one of the books that my husband got me for Christmas, because I love Kafka and after stumbling across a graphic novel adaptation of Conrad's Heart of Darkness in our city library, I've recently developed a fascination in graphic novel adaptations of classics. This is a graphic novel biography of Franz Kafka, with... Continue Reading →

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