The Leap from Poetry to Erotica: Interview with E.R. King

E.R. King is best known for her emotional poetry. I had the chance to work with her on the erotica anthology Secrets. She wrote a very sexy story for that collection. It includes bdsm, complete with bondage and impact play. To read that story and the other sexy stories in the anthology check out the... Continue Reading →

Interview with a Gentle Domme

Photo by Kamaji Ogino on BDSM! 😀 Yes, today we get to talk about BDSM. Specifically, we get to talk about my favorite flavor of bdsm: gentle femdom. This is BDSM with the female as the domme, but minus the pain play/humiliation/cruelty of the femdom style we often see portrayed in mainstream media. It's... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jane Conquest: The Writer who Exposed Wattpad An interview with Jane Conquest. She ran a wildly popular meme page on wattpad with over 100k followers. She also had several novels and comics. In 2018, her account was deleted from wattpad. She went on to create a youtube documentary called 'Exposing Wattpad.' Jane's youtube channel: Jane's website: Her books... Continue Reading →

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