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Hello all! I’m an indie author of mostly horror and romance, with a couple of literary projects here and there.

I’ve written under numerous pen names, including Sylek Phantasm, Jyvur Entropy, and I currently go by Teal Veyre.

I live in a major U.S city in a lovely high rise right near downtown. Having lived on a dirt road in NH for many years, I loooove it! City life is the life for me. I live with my husband and two cats. My husband is a very sweet, techie guy who is involved in most of my writing projects.

I’m very critical of the mental health system. I encourage everyone reading this to look into the DSM and pharmaceutical industry ties to the creation of DSM labels. You can start by looking into Allen Francis, lead editor of the DSM IV, and his financial ties to Risperdal. Or simply google “financial conflicts of interest DSM.”

I hold a B.A in Creative Writing and an M.A in English Lit. I love to teach other people how to plot. I have a webinar on plotting that I really enjoy teaching and will be expanding into a full 10 week course soon.

Currently, I’m part-time trad wife and part-time ghostwriter. I offer my services through fiverr and upwork and if you need some help with a writing project, I’m happy to talk to you.

I have books available via wattpad, kindle Vella, kindle unlimited, and many other online book retailers.

To connect with me, the best place to reach me is discord.

Kafka is my favorite author, Die Antwoord is my favorite music, and Leo is my favorite cat.

Below are the other places you can find me

Youtube | Goodreads | Patreon | Fiverr| Podcast | Wattpad |

I don’t really do social media. If you look around, you’ll find a dead twitter or instagram of mine. I never post on social media. I just really can’t be fucked to. It’s one of many things I can’t be fucked to do: use social media, run facebook ads, grow an email newsletter; I’m just not into it. I like making content and livestreaming. I don’t like social media posts. They’re weird. That’s why my online activity is mainly relegated to content creation. I like blogging and making youtube videos and streaming, both on youtube and in different discord servers. And if you do want to see random posts of all my inane thoughts of the day, discord is the place for it. I’m aware I’d make more money and have a bigger online presence if I’d suck it up and make some booktok content or put out a regular newsletter, but..I mean, does it look like I’m trying to be successful? I have no brand. I’m just fucking around on the internet.

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