Books I’m Taking On Vacation!

I'm leaving for a week-long vacation to Maine tomorrow. I'll be completely unplugged, so y'all won't hear from me for a bit. Here are the books I'm bringing with me to read on the beach. So, I have a pretty good mix of books to read on the beach. I've got: 1 Anthology of Nautical... Continue Reading →

All the Books I Read in March

I read a ton this month! In March I read: -8 short stories (they were all horror stories) -I horror anthology -1 horror novel -4 Non-fiction -1 Shifter romance -1 Shifter erotica -1 alien romance -1 contemporary romance -1 Classic -1 Graphic Novel adaptation of a classic -1 thriller Three of these were rereads (Monkey's... Continue Reading →

Books I’ve Given Up On

I try not to DNF books. I'm just such a mood reader that if I didn't push my way through the difficult or slow-paced parts of the book, I'd probably never finish anything. Some books are tough reads, but ultimately, still worth it. However these books, I have decided I just can't push my way... Continue Reading →

A Lot of Body Horror in this Anthology

This was another great volume in the 'Don't Read This Book After Dark' series. There was a lot more body horror in this one. Especially from Alice Taylor. Really, Alice Taylor, what the heck, lady? lol I'm just kidding. As gruesome as the belly button centipede story was, it was a good read. I did... Continue Reading →

All the Books I Read in February

I read a LOT in February, which is surprising because I've been slammed with freelance projects. But I guess I read more when I'm busier, because I need the decompression even more. Here are all the books I read going from 5 stars down to one stars. Five Star Books Okay, I'm sort of cheating.... Continue Reading →

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